Who is eligible?

The guidelines are as follows:

  • Patients must live in Shawnee County.
  • Patient’s family income is 150% or below federal poverty level. Please call the HealthAccess office for current information.
  • Patients are not currently receiving Medicare, Medicaid, Healthwave or other state/federal medical benefits.
  • Patients are not covered by other medical insurance.
  • Enrollment period lasts 3 months for specialty care or 6 months for primary care.

      These can be renewed if eligible.

What responsibilities do I have as a HealthAccess patient?

Patients who are enrolled in HealthAccess are required to sign a patient responsibilities form. 

Doctors, area clinics, pharmacists, hospitals and many others are donating their services to help you get well and stay well. They are not being paid for the services provided to you. This is not a government program, or other entitlement program. The donated care may end at any time, for any reason. HealthAccess does not include; inpatient psychiatric services, emergency room expenses or ambulance services. By signing the patient responsibilites form you authorize HealthAccess to verify what you have reported during the application process. You may also receive some bills, for which you are responsible, should you need services not currently being donated for the HealthAccess program.

You must also agree to actively participate in your health care, making your appointments and following the care guidelines that you have agreed to with your healthcare provider.

How do I apply?

You may apply by calling the SCMS HealthAccess office 785-235-0996 or if you need more information, you may E-Mail us at Following a brief telephone interview; your name and number will be given to an SRS Eligibility Specialist to schedule an interview. If you are employed you will be required to bring proof of income (pay stubs or a statement from your employer) for the last four weeks.


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